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Spark One Click Windows Installer

10/18/2015, 11/9/2015

Install Log Directory:
C:\\Users\\**Current User**\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\SparkInstaller\\SparkInstall.log

How to Build your installer:

Spark.exe /b /c:"./MyConfig.config" /o:"./MyInstaller.exe"
/c: configuration file name. (quotes required)
/o: output installer (quotes required)

For an example configuration see install_config.config

Installer Command Reference:

Config Sections:

Spark installer runs off of a configuration file called install_config.config. You must specify the location of this file when running the spark.exe file from the command line.

BuildSection - the section with all build directions. (1 only)
InstallSection - The section with all install directions (1 only)
PreInstallSection - Runs before install completes (0 or 1 only)
PostInstallSection - Runs after install completes (0 or 1 only)
PreUninstallSection - Runs before uninstall completes (0 or 1 only)
PostUninstallSection - Runs after uninstall completes (0 or 1 only)

Build Section Commands
Include "(file path or directory path)" "(copied file path) - include all files in that directory and copy to "copied file path"
Exclude "file or directory" - exclude all files under directory, or a specific file from the installer.
ExcludeExt - exclude all files with extension. You must include a dot before the extension.

Install Section Commands
AppGuid *Required* - This must be set to the application you are installing. To get your application guid right click on
the project in Visual Studio solution explorer > Properties > Assembly information.
DisplayName *Required* - The name of the program. This is visible to users in the installer window.
DefaultDirectory - the default path that shows up when the installer runs.
Publisher - Your company name
DisplayIcon - Icon to display in "uninstall options"
ApplicationVersion - Version to display in the add/remove programs panel
DisplayVersion - Version to display in the add/remove programs panel
URLInfoAbout - URL provided for more information in the add/remove programs panel
Contact - Contact in the add/remove programs panel

Pre/Post-Install/Uninstall Commands
ExecuteSync - Execute a program, or batch file synchronously
DeleteFile - Delete a file (not a directory)

**All paths must be double quoted**
**Nested quotes allowed. Example: 'abcd "some literal" def' Also "abcd 'some literal' defg"
**All relative paths are relative to the location of this file***

Install Location Variables
Variables are preceded by ?
[PROGRAM_FILES] = (windows path)\Program Files --**Note: if spark is 32 bit this will default to Program Files (x86) version
[PROGRAM_FILES_x86] = (windows path)\Program Files (x86)
[INSTALLDIR] = The installed root directory the program is installed into. This is selected by the user in the installer.
[SYSTEMROOT] = drive that /Windows is installed on such as C:\Windows or D:\Windows
[DESKTOP] = path to current user's desktop

Syntax: [Shortcut] "Startup|StartMenu|Desktop" "Required|Optional" "path\\name of target.exe" "link name" "/arg1 /arg2..."
Example: Shortcut "Startup" "Required" "[INSTALLDIR8]\bro.exe" "Startup Exe" "/testarg"

*Wildcards/Regexs are not supported (*?+)

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